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SolarTech is Supported by 30 Local and International Organisation from 20 Countries. We are inviting all Associations, Organisations, Institutions, Government Bodies or Alliances to be next Supporter.

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European Union Organisations



The Portuguese Renewable Energy Association (APREN) is a non-profit association, founded in October 1988, with the mission of coordination , representation and defense of the common interests of our Members .

APREN represents more than 90% of all installed capacity of renewable energy sources in Portugal.


The Portuguese association for the PV sector. APESF is a non-profit organisation that aims to promote photovoltaic energy in Portugal, while representing and supporting the sector before legal and public authorities, among others. APESF was founded in October 2008.


ALER is a non-profit association with the mission to promote renewable energies in portuguese-speaking countries.

The Association facilitates business opportunities by supporting the private sector and attracting financing and investment, by liasing with national and international authorities to create a favourable regulatory framework, and by coordinating all stakeholders, acting as a cooperation platform and the common voice of renewable energies in portuguese-speaking countries.


Enercoutim’s main goal is to promote, develop, and support renewable energy projects and decarbonizaton of the economy and to attract and advance further technology developments in the sector, through the Martim Longo Solar Platform, which is located in the Alcoutim Municipality, the Southern Province of the Algarve, Portugal.



The Spanish Renewable Energy Association (APPA Renewables) is the reference association of renewable energy in Spain. It brings together more than 350 companies and entities that carry out all clean technologies like biofuels, biomass, wind, geothermal, hydro, marine, small wind and solar photovoltaic


The Spanish Photovoltaic Union (UNEF) is the sectorial association of photovoltaic solar energy in Spain.

With a representativeness of 250 companies, more than 85% of the activity of the sector in Spain, the UNEF is a spokesman for almost all the industry : producers, installers, engineers, manufacturers of raw materials, modules and components, distributors and consultants.



The Irish Solar Energy Association (ISEA) was founded in May 2013. ISEA is committed to bringing attention to the value of solar energy’s contribution to Ireland’s economic and environmental future. ISEA is committed to contributing to the development of viable renewable energy policies that support the development of solar in Ireland via lobbying activities, conferences, and other forums that bring key stakeholders together to shape policy.



Latvian Renewable Energy federation (hereinafter – the LAEF) is an organization that unites leading renewable energy associations in Latvia, such as bioenergy (biomass and biogas), small hydropower, solar and wind energy associations. LAEF was established on February 4, 2013.



Romanian Photovoltaic Industry Association – RPIA is a non-profit association, founded in March 2012, by a team of professionals who had in mind the vision that in the future Romania will be a stable and productive environment that will allow the photovoltaic industry development. Thus, our main purpose was to create a networking environment and know-how exchange for potential investors. In three years, RPIA has gathered as its members ones of the most important national and international companies that are active in the photovoltaic market in Romania.


Romanian Renewable Energy Association – ROREA  is a professional non-profit, independent & non-governmental Association having as purpose the establishment and support of a common position of its members in matters related to renewable electricity.

The Association promotes the development of this market segment, considering that environment, sustainable growth, energy efficiency and social responsibility are basic rules and criterias of the European Union.



HELAPCO is a non profit organization, established in 2002, representing the major PV companies active in the production, trading, installation and maintenance of photovoltaic systems in Greece.

HELAPCO represents the domestic market in international meetings and fora, and is a member of the European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA).




The Association (SEAPEC) was founded in 2004 by people who believed in the vision of Renewable Energy Sources (RES). This vision has evolved into a prominent professional association representing the interests of RES in the state. We are integrated with OEB and in cooperation with her we organize our training programs, which are among the most important offers of the association to members and society in general.



ITALIA SOLARE is the only Italian association primarily focused on the solar PV technology. Our members are “solar passionate”, PV plant’s owners (of any size), O&M, Energy Trader, Designers , Wholesalers, Manufacturers.

Czech Republic


Czech Photovoltaic Industry Association (CZEPHO) is a voluntary professional association that aims to support long-term and sustainable development of the PV sector in the Czech Republic. CZEPHO assembles more then 300 members and 3000 collaborators, mainly operators of solar power plants, producers of PV components, system providers, suppliers of services, and academies.



On July 15, 2010, the three founding members of  FRONIUS Slovensko sro,  GENERM sro  and  MyENERGY as set up an interest grouping of legal entities operating in the photovoltaic industry at the inaugural meeting.

The Slovak Association of Photovoltaic Industries and RES (SAPI) aims to provide sustainable  support for all renewable energy sources  and the development of the photovoltaic industry. At the same time, it is a partner for a wider professional and public debate on the creation of an entrepreneurial environment in this sector.

Currently, SAPI associate a large number of (often group) members and partners, not only from domestic companies but also from foreign companies.



An independent association recognized as a permanent education organization, the APERe has since 1991 been supporting citizens and territories that aim for greater energy self-sufficiency, which is sustainable, supportive and positive for the environment.

International and Non-European Organisations



The Chilean Association for Renewable Energies, ACERA AG, gathers more than 120 members including developers, generators and suppliers of products and services, national and foreign, in the whole value chain of the industry of non-conventional renewable energy (NCRE). ACERA seeks the protection of the environment and sustainable development for Chile, through the promotion of renewable energies. Its mission is to promote a regulatory framework that allows NCREs to compete on equal terms with traditional sources. To achieve this, it is working on three strategic objectives: Promote the generation of Non-Conventional Renewable Energies; contribute permanently to the development of a regulatory framework to encourage the production of NCRE, and finally, to promote the installation of NCRE plants that not only comply with but exceed participation goals established for these energies in the national legislation.



ARAB RENEWABLE ENERGY COMMISSION – AREC is a non-profit and  non-governmental Commission that is concerned with renewable energy in the Arab world. It consists of a good number of members representing several Arab countries. It was founded in 2011 in Amman- Jordan and honoured to be chaired by HRH Prince Asem bin Nayef.



Approved by Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) of Singapore, Asian Photovoltaic Industry Association (APVIA) was founded in January 16, 2009. As a non-profit social organization, it consists of PV enterprises, scientific institutions and other relevant organizations in Asian countries under the principle of voluntary enrollment.

Business scope of the association covers: information and academic exchange, technical consultation, project demonstration, quality standards, market service, education and training.



The Mexican Association of Photovoltaic Solar Energy brings together operators, shareholders, vendors and developers of photovoltaic solar plants on a large scale and distributed generation. Currently we have 286 projects in Mexico with solar photovoltaic technology in operation, under construction or in an advanced stage of development.

These projects represent almost 8,000 MW, and an investment of 8,000 million dollars. In addition, to the upgrading of over 3,000 hectares of marginal land.

Great Britian


The British Photovoltaic Association (BPVA) is the National Trade Association of the UK solar photovoltaic industry. The BPVA is a strong political and commercial organisation. As an influential and trusted voice of the industry, we have made a significant contribution to the emergence of the UK’s solar PV industry in recent years, which is now one of the largest solar markets in the world by installed capacity.



The European Association for Storage of Energy (EASE) is the voice of the energy storage community, actively promoting the use of energy storage in Europe and worldwide. EASE actively supports the deployment of energy storage as an indispensable instrument within the framework of the European energy and climate policy to deliver services to, and improve the flexibility of, the European energy system. EASE seeks to build a European platform for sharing and disseminating energy storage-related information. EASE supports the transition towards a sustainable, flexible and stable energy system in Europe.


ESTELA, the European Solar Thermal Electricity Association, is a non-profit association created in 2007. ESTELA represents more than 50 members from the industry and research institutions, active along the whole STE value chain. Joining hands with national associations – Protermosolar (Spain), ANEST (Italy), Deutsche CSP (Germany) and the SER-CSP (France), ESTELA is devoted to promoting solar thermal electricity not only in Europe, but also in MENA region and worldwide. To act widely, ESTELA with AUSTELA and SASTELA in 2012 jointly created STELA World. Today, ESTELA is the largest industry association in the world promoting the solar thermal electricity sector.



INFORSE- Europe is one of the 7 regions of the International Network for Sustainable Energy (INFORSE), which is a worldwide NGO network formed at the Global Forum in Rio in 1992.

INFORSE has more than 145 member organisations worldwide and works for implementation of sustainable energy solutions by exchange of information, awareness creation, formulation and implementation of strategies, and lobbying of international forums.

INFORSE-Europe has 85 members from 35 countries, which are detailed in our online membership list. Since 2002, INFORSE-Europe has been operating as a seperate economic entity. The Bylaws were adopted in 1994 and revised in 2005.




JRES is a civil society foundation belonging to Ministry of Environment, a non-profit organization,concerned with awareness of renewable energy.



PAKISTAN SOLAR ASSOCIATION (PSA) is the national trade body for the Pakistan Solar Industry and is protecting and promoting solar businesses in Pakistan. It is the legal representative body of the solar industry players like Project Developers, Manufacturers, Suppliers, Distributors, Installers, Service Providers, Importers, Exporters, Engineering Firms, Consultants and Contractors.
PSA is now the Trade Organization and Solar Businesses Companies can only become its members. The supreme council will be Executive Committee represented by four provinces with one Vice Chairman in each province.

South Africa


The Southern African Alternative Energy Association (SAAEA) represents and actively promotes Renewable Alternative Energy Solutions in Southern Africa.

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